How to remember new words?


And so one day a korean friend came to Singapore and we were roaming around. We were on cab and the friend turned and asked what was that at the back. The conversation went like this:

Korean friend: (pointing to the back) 오~ 그게 뭐에요?

Me: Theatre~

Korean friend: 음? 뭐에요?

Me: (going a little slower) the-a-tre. . . .

Korean friend: (giving me a blank look) Hmmm.. Ok…

Me: THEATRE 알아요?

Korean friend: Ahhhhh ~~ I thought you said 뒤에 있다.

Me: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

CONFESSION: Actually, I didn’t know it is a MUSEUM until today. 친구~ 미안해요. That was not a theatre but a museum. ㅋㅋ Sometimes I feel like I am a foreigner in Singapore. Ok, most of the time. Hahaha..

Thanks to that incident, the word 뒤에 pops up in my head every time I see the museum or hear the word theatre. My point is, connecting new vocabularies that we learn through images, music, feelings or even ideas can help our brain remember it easier.

Take another example. When I listen to korean songs, even though there are many words that I didn’t know, I could follow and sing along. Why so? Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. There are often many words repeating in the same song especially the chorus. For myself, I would listen to the same song million times in a row if i like it. So those words get caught in my mind and I eventually remember them. Being curious, I looked up on the words I didn’t know and surprisingly I can remember most of them.

Another method I find useful is using pictures. Somehow my brain works better with visuals.


To add on, watching korean drama/ variety show helps a lot. I remember scenes from dramas and there was this particular scene from 백년의 유산 when 유진 shouted “용서 못 해!!! 아니, 안 해!!!”. It helps me clarified the difference between “cannot” and “will not”. Also, I liked how Korean variety shows always have captions to it. Makes it easier for me to learn korean. haha 😀

jk  haha

What about you? What are your ways to remember new words? 

2 thoughts on “How to remember new words?

  1. This is exactly how I remember new words ^^ I connect new words in Korean with an experience, situation, picture or action. When I do this I can remember a lot of vocabulary very rapidly!

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