A day with some Latte Art.


Decided to go on cafe hopping today and went to a cafe suggested by a friend.  We ordered a cup of hazelnut latte and one hazelnut chocolate with requested latte art, and they even served the cakes with the cute artwork! Being suckers for pretty things, we spent at least a good 10mins taking pictures before we lay hands on what we’ve ordered. hahaha.

Our drinks were quite tasteful and the cakes were to our likings as well. Though the cafe has limited seats, it was cosy enough for us to hang around for about 3 hours. Thumbs up to the staffs who were very friendly and prompt. Overall, it was a pleasant experience exploring the cafe. I’m sure everyone noticed us because we were the nosiest (as always). LOL. To the 2 friendly staffs who served us: “we’ll definitely be back again!!” 😀


Carrot cake with MARIO ~


The strawberry shortcake that tasted soooo good. Snoopy was only there for probably 15 seconds. Hahahah…


And the 4 meets. Snoopy, rilakkuma, hamtaro and Mariooooo!

Nothing beats a great weekend at a nice cafe with great company. 🙂 

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