What’s in the parcel?

parcel ramyeon

Read a blogpost from hangukdrama and it reminded me of my sweet 언니 who sent a gift from Korea a few months back. A big parcel packed with 라면 and 과자! Basically, I’m a junk food addict hahaha! Was so happy to receive it!

An episode of the iyagi series from TTMIK mentioned how Koreans can’t live without 라면. Same goes for me. I cannot explain how much I love instant noodles and neither can I tell how much I’ve eaten in my life. Here are some of my favourite korean 라면! 😀


라면 never goes wrong the common extras like eggs and spring onions. Sometimes adding a little this and that might create another kind of interesting taste. Some like to add in cheese, canned tuna, spam, sausages, mushrooms, bean sprouts, tofu or even some leftovers they find in their fridge.


Of course, the essential 반찬 (side dish) to go with 라면 is definitely kimchi. Yums.

kimchi copy

Here’s a trick to help you cool the noodles when eating from a 컵라면 (cup noodles). Koreans fold their paper lid of the 컵라면 into a cone and use it as a holder to cool the 라면 before they eat it. I’ve tried it and it works!


Writing this post really makes me hungry. I’m going to make myself some yummy 라면 now!

So what’s your remedy for making a bowl of delicious 라면? Please share with me! 😀

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