Korean baseball experience

I’ve heard so much about Koreans being crazy over baseball and it’s definitely a MUST-DO for me to watch a baseball match in Korea. Honestly, I had no prior knowledge how a baseball game is being played. A friend briefly explained the rules to me over lunch just before we went for the game. Was quite excited as it was my first ever baseball match. 😀

I went for the game in Busan to catch Lotte Giants against Samsung Lions. Busan is known for having arguably the loudest, most loyal, and passionate fans. I was so looking forward to the match! It was held at Sajik baseball stadium and known to be the largest baseball stadium in Korea. Upon arriving at the stadium, i saw many Giants enthusiasts!

Sajik Baseball Stadium

Lotte fans

Basically you can bring outside food and drinks into the stadium. So it is not surprising to see many koreans walking in with hands full of beverages and food such as pizza, fried chicken, beer etc. Well of course they can still purchase food and beer at the stadium but it’s usually marked-up at around 10-15%.

food Chicken

Saw this group of students munching on your pizza before the game start. Well, my friends bought some fried chicken too! It was so delicious!!

Stadium seating

I heard true baseball maniacs always head to the seats on the highest level at baseball stadiums in Korea. It is said that these seats provide an overview of the action as well as good night views for stargazing. Lucky enough, my friends got the 2nd last row seats and it indeed had a spectacular view not just for watching the game, but I also had a good time watching the Lotte Giants fans cheering for their team from my seat.

Baseball field BUSAN

Love my seat where i can see everyone so clearly!

SONY DSC pompom (Source: JoongAng Ilbo)

The mood at the stadium was so ecstatic! The fans cheer, sing and dance their hearts out supporting their teams. Seeing how enthusiastic the Giants supporters were, i just had to join in the fun! 😀 The fans chant wildly and shake their self-made shredded newspaper pompoms violently. They also wore the orange trash bags (provided by the stadium to later throw their rubbish after the game) on their heads!

trashbag trashbagstrashbag on head trashbag on head trashbag on head2

See how innovative they were! Almost everyone had the trash bags on their head by the end of the game! Everyone literally stands up the entire time when the Giants team is batting. They sing and cheer along with the announcer/dancers and the HOT cheerleaders.


(Source from various sites)

This is definitely something not to be missed for the guys. The hot seat at the stadium is near the first base where the cheerleaders would be right in front of your eyes. Seriously, to a certain point, I felt as if i was in a BIG open air noraebang (singing room) because everyone was singing and dancing with the same moves! It was a terrific sporting experience and I had a really great time. 😀

If you want to understand the people of Busan, just head to Sajik baseball stadium!  ^^


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