How to make good kimchi fried rice (김치 볶음밥)

…… NOT.

It was an epic FAIL. Got all so excited with the first attempt but somehow it tasted a little weird.. I’m not sure what went wrong, but it was definitely so wrong. So………frustrated.! Can someone tell me why?! Basically, this was what I did.


Added spam and onions after heating the vegetable oil.


Threw in the kimchi and stir fried them.. Fry fry fry…. And added the kimchi “juice” in… Fry again….


Dumped in the overnight rice and fry again… It suddenly turned so dry….. D:


This was the end result. Looks dry, tasted dry. But it wasn’t that bad since I could finish that plate of rice. hahaha.

Was it because i used overnight rice and not the korean rice? Or was it because I didn’t add any eggs? Could it be the spam? WHAT WENT WRONG???  이유를 알려주세요….. T^T

If you are looking for some great recipe to make delicious kimchi fried rice, I’m sorry that I’ve lured you to the wrong place. Hahahaha.

4 thoughts on “How to make good kimchi fried rice (김치 볶음밥)

  1. Mmm.. first it doesn’t matter whether it is overnight rice. You just can use any. And if you use ready made kimchi, it would not taste that great. And I’m not sure to add spam cos we don’t normally put it in. And most important thing is that perilla oil(들기름) should be used, but not vegetable oil. If you don’t have perilla oil, mmm maybe you could use both sesame oil and vegetable oli together. And you may add some stir fried sesame seeds. 🙂 But the one above looks great!! 🙂

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