Lack of… quality time.

Been here for almost 1.5months in Korea and each day seemed to pass by too quickly. I seriously haven’t been doing what I planned before i came here. I’ve done many “unplanned” stuffs and it was amazingly good. And, I sleep lesser these days… 24hrs a day is really not sufficient.

I’ve neglected my korean studies. Pretty much because I took it for granted that classes will only start next week. The placement test is NEXT WEEK. Omg…. I’m both excited and worried now! I’ve opened my books less than 5 times since I got here. HAHA. But, I’ve been trying to speak korean whenever I can. & i think its really the best way to learn. Oh, I cannot emphasis how important it is to make mistakes… One of the best way to pick up the language you are learning…

The place I stay allows me to meet many people. Both koreans and foreigners. I’ve been able to speak freely in English, Mandarin and Korean. Which is so so nice. Having Koreans everywhere on the streets helped too. The best language experience was having a conversation with a taxi driver in jeju island (will have a post on it soon). He speaks no English and it was so so fun! He even wanted to introduce his son to me! Hahaha!

I hope I won’t be lazy and update more often! Till the next post 😀

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